gadsden county

Hospital Inc. Board of Directors

Background:  The operation and maintenance of Gadsden County Hospital under lease to the Corporation by the Board of County Commissioners is intended to constitute a transfer of a governmental function from the County to the Corporation, which shall be construed to be “acting on behalf of” the Board of County Commissioners and as being a corporation primarily acting as an instrumentality of Gadsden County, as those terms are used in Section 768.28 Florida Statutes.

Member Terms:  Provides for a nine (9) member Board, with no fewer than five (5) and no more than eleven (11).  The term of each Director shall be for five (5) years, which term shall be fixed on relation to the class in which the Director is appointed.  Directors may serve consecutive terms.

Meetings:  Annually – OR ON AN AS NEEDED BASIS.

Current Members:  Arrie M. Battle, Senator Fred Dudley, Mike Glazer, Arriane Graham, Dr. Hantz Hercule, Craig McMillan, Sam Palmer, Herb Sheheane, James Suber, Scott Whitehead.

Citizen Advisory Committee Application