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Public Works

Gadsden County's Public Works Department has 58 employees (including office staff) who are responsible for maintaining over 700 miles of roads in unincorporated Gadsden County.

The Public Works Director and key staff are members of the Emergency Management Team and are essential in helping prepare the County for and during storm events. During hurricane season, staff remains on-call and is dispatched immediately following storm events to clear right-of-ways.

Public Works  is responsible for the administration of policy and objectives, responding to citizen's needs, providing department guidance and direction, reviewing policy matters, preparing and monitoring capital projects and ensuring consistent day to day maintenance of county roads and storm water infrastructure. The administration division also manages, supervises and supports the activities of all divisions including budget, payroll, customer service, engineering, invoices and grants.

The Public Works Operation is divided into three zones, with an Operations Supervisor for each zone. Each one is comprised of crews whose focus is: