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Mosquito Control

Gadsden County Mosquito Control is available to all residents in the Gadsden county area. Our goal is to eliminate nuisance mosquitoes through better pest management (BPM) practices. Th

Some ways citizens can help in eliminating mosquitoes is to go around their property, especially after a rain and empty all containers that are holding water. Keeping the grass cut low in the summer, as well as cutting back trees and keeping trash and debris cleaned up, will also help. It only takes a thimble of water to breed mosquitoes. You can purchase products from your local hardware store to spray shrubs and lawn to eliminate mosquito breeding. Residents are urged to follow all instructions for mixture and application in order to acquire the desired effects. You can also purchase BTI briquettes to place in standing water and ditches. We want to use the least amount of chemicals as possible to protect our water systems as well as fish, birds, bees for pollination, etc.. If we all do our part, we can protect our earth to be greener through (BPM) Better Pest Management.


  • Residential Domestic Inspection (to locate the source of mosquito breeding)
  • Street and Residential Truck Spraying
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