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Emergency Services

Gadsden County Emergency Medical Services (GCEMS) was established as a County Department in October 1984. In addition to providing emergency medical services to the residents and visitors of Gadsden County, we also provide non-emergency ambulance transportation as well as stand-by services for events such as football games, music fests, bicycle and boat races, etc.

Gadsden County Paramedics are responsible for transporting patients to the most appropriate facility for the given medical condition which is often not the closest facility. This requires that Gadsden County EMS providers possess highly advanced medical and surgical skills coupled with advanced medical technology and medications to provide care during protracted transports.

Extrication and Haz-Mat response services are provided by the Fire Department. Dispatch is provided through Gadsden County Sheriff's Department E-911 system. We are regulated by the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. We provide "in-house" CEU's for continuing education and license renewal.