gadsden county

Fire Department

The Gadsden County Fire service is served from 10 volunteer fire station locations. Chattahoochee, Concord, Gretna, Greensboro, Havana, Midway, Mt. Pleasant, Robertsville-St.Johns, Sycamore, and Wetumpka Volunteer Fire Department. The Gadsden County Fire Service provides fire prevention and suppression, technical rescue with more than a 100 qualified and dedicated line personnel to provide the vital services required for protecting the lives and property of the residents and visitors of Gadsden County. The focus of the Gadsden County Fire Service is on responding rapidly to emergencies, providing appropriate intervention and community education. We owe the residents of Gadsden County the highest quality of service possible, characterized by responsiveness, integrity and professionalism. We will continually to strive for quality improvement.  The goal of Gadsden County Fire Service is developing an organization to effectively administer and manage the resources of the Department, developing a system for minimizing the impact of disasters and other emergencies on life and property, providing an effective First Responder Service, and providing an effective Fire prevention and Public Safety System.

Fire Station Locations

Robertsville-St. Johns Volunteer Fire Department  
162 Hutchinson Ferry Road
Quincy, Florida 32351

Sycamore Volunteer Fire Department
2293 Sycamore Road
Quincy, Florida 32353

Mt. Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department
2875 Mt. Pleasant Road
Quincy, Florida 32351

Chattahoochee Volunteer Fire Department
32 Jefferson Street
Chattahoochee, Florida 32324

Midway Volunteer Fire Department
50 Martin Luther King Blvd
Midway, Florida 32343

Wetumpka Volunteer Fire Department
Station #1  25 McCall Bridge Road
Station#2   2182 Cook Landing Road
Quincy, Florida 32351

Greensboro Volunteer Fire Department
163 Green Ave
Greensboro, Florida 32330

Concord Volunteer Fire Department
4838 Fairbank Ferry Road
Havana, Florida 32333

Havana Volunteer Fire Department
128 Seventh Ave E
Havana, Florida 32333

Gretna Volunteer Fire Department 
190 Third Street
Gretna, Florida 32332