gadsden county

County Probation

The Probation Department is responsible for monitoring all court ordered county probation cases / defendants with misdemeanor criminal charges, traffic criminal charges, and some felony charges.  The Diversion Program is offered to first time offenders with certain charges and requires the defendant report to County Probation in order to receive instructions and paperwork.  All defendants ordered to perform community service hours, whether or not placed on probation, must report to County Probation to receive the necessary paperwork.  It is the responsibility of Probation to inform the court of any violations of probation, the progress on Diversion cases, and the completion of all cases monitored by Probation.  As an alternative to jail, Probation helps reduce the overcrowding of our County Jail while allowing the defendant / probationer the opportunity to remain in the home and be gainfully employed. County Probation also offers theft classes, victim impact panel, vehicle impoundment, alcohol breathalyzer test and the Gadsden County Work Program. 


Supervision fees: $50 per month; sliding scale $20 minimum to $50 maximum.  

Probationer must show proof of household income to determine if eligible for a reduction in monthly supervision fee.

Referrals are provided for the following:

  • DUI school level I and level II;
  • Substance abuse screening and counseling;
  • Batterers Intervention Program;
  • Anger Management Program;
  • Mental health counseling;
  • Theft class;
  • Bad check class;
  • Community service agencies;
  • Work camp;
  • High school diploma programs;
  • Urinalysis; and
  • Alcohol breath tests.
  • Parental Counseling

Payments: money order, cash, and debit / credit cards.  No phone payments.  Debit / credit cards require ID; a convenience fee is charged.  

All payments mailed or placed in drop box MUST be paid by money order.  DO NOT mail or place cash or debit / credit cards in drop box. Drop box located on front door. Items placed in drop box after 7:30a.m. will be processed / posted the next business day.

Clerk Payment Plan payments:

All probationer's whose cases have terminated and converted to the Clerk's payment plan must contact the Clerk's office to make their payments (850-875-8601).

The Gadsden County Probation Division is offering an array of new services to improve the quality of those currently being offered. Six different programs have been implemented within the division.